• Can morphology reliably distinguish between the copepods Calanus finmarchicus and C. glacialis, or is DNA the only way? 

      Choquet, Marvin Raoul Charles Roger Ren; Kosobokova, Ksenia; Kwaśniewski, Sławomir; Hatlebakk, Maja Karoline Viddal; Dhanasiri, Anusha Krishanthi Shyama; Melle, Webjørn Raunsgård; Daase, Malin; Svensen, Camilla; Søreide, Janne; Hoarau, Galice Guillaume (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
      Copepods of the genus Calanus play a key role in marine food webs as consumers of primary producers and as prey for many commercially important marine species. Within the genus, Calanus glacialis and Calanus finmarchicus ...
    • Diel vertical migration of Arctic zooplankton during the polar night 

      Berge, Jørgen; Cottier, Finlo; Last, Kim S.; Varpe, Øystein; Leu, Eva; Søreide, Janne; Eiane, Ketil; Falk-Petersen, Stig; Willis, Kate; Nygård, Henrik; Vogedes, Daniel; Griffiths, Collin; Johnsen, Geir; Lorentzen, Dag Arne; Brierley, Andrew S. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2009)
      High-latitude environments show extreme seasonal variation in physical and biological variables. The classic paradigm of Arctic marine ecosystems holds that most biological processes slow down or cease during the polar ...
    • Genetics redraws pelagic biogeography of Calanus 

      Choquet, Marvin Raoul Charles Roger Ren; Haltebakk, Maja; Dhanasiri, Anusha Krishanthi Shyama; Kosobokova, Ksenia N.; Smolina, Irina Vladimirovna; Søreide, Janne; Svensen, Camilla; Melle, Webjørn Raunsgård; Kwasniewski, Slawomir; Eiane, Ketil; Daase, Malin; Tverberg, Vigdis; Skreslet, Stig; Bucklin, Ann; Hoarau, Galice Guillaume (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2017)
      Planktonic copepods of the genus Calanus play a central role in North Atlantic/Arctic marine food webs. Here, using molecular markers, we redrew the distributional ranges of Calanus species inhabiting the North Atlantic ...
    • Lipid storage consumption and feeding ability of Calanus glacialis Jaschnov, 1955 males 

      Hatlebakk, Maja Karoline Viddal; Graeve, Martin; Boissonnot, Lauris; Søreide, Janne (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
      Calanus is one of the best studied genera of Arctic zooplankton, but still we know very little about the males since they are short-lived and mainly present in winter. Their short life-span compared to females is assumed ...
    • No evidence for hybridization between Calanus finmarchicus and Calanus glacialis in a subarctic area of sympatry 

      Choquet, Marvin; Burckard, Gauthier; Skreslet, Stig; Hoarau, Galice Guillaume; Søreide, Janne (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    • Variability and decadal trends in the Isfjorden (Svalbard) ocean climate and circulation – An indicator for climate change in the European Arctic 

      Skogseth, Ragnheid; Olivier, Léa L.A.; Nilsen, Frank; Falck, Eva; Fraser, Neil J.; Tverberg, Vigdis; Ledang, Anna Birgitta; Vader, Anna; Jonassen, Marius Opsanger; Søreide, Janne; Cottier, Finlo Robert; Berge, Jørgen; Ivanov, Boris V.; Falk-Petersen, Stig (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
      Isfjorden, a broad Arctic fjord in western Spitsbergen, has shown significant changes in hydrography and inflow of Atlantic Water (AW) the last decades that only recently have been observed in the Arctic Ocean north of ...