• Conspicuous carotenoid-based pelvic spine ornament in three-spined stickleback populations – occurrence and inheritance 

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    • Polar snow algae as a valuable source of lipids? 

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      Microalgae offer excellent opportunities for producing food and fuel commodities, but in colder climates the low growth rates of many varieties may hamper production. In this work, extremophilic Arctic microalgae were ...
    • Remote sensing of zooplankton swarms 

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      Zooplankton provide the key link between primary production and higher levels of the marine food web and they play an important role in mediating carbon sequestration in the ocean. All commercially harvested fish species ...
    • Sex-specific seasonal variation in the carotenoid content of sea urchin gonads 

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      This study documents the effect of sex on gonad carotenoid content during the annual reproductive cycle of Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis from northern Norway. Male and female S. droebachiensis exhibited distinctly ...